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About Hello Phoenix

Hello Phoenix provides communication services to more than 450 clients nationwide (and growing!).  Since 2004 our company has grown in excess of 20% annually as market demand for more reliable and efficient communication solutions propels us forward in our continued quest to provide you with the best solutions available today.

All of us at Hello Phoenix are proud to serve you with our premiere communication solutions.  Our ability to dramatically improve customer interaction through the telephone is well received by virtually all of our clientele.  We are grateful for the expressions of trust and appreciation you continue to communicate back to us.


About Our Data Center:

Hello Phoenix is a hosted IVR company housed in multiple state of the art virtual technological facilities, seamlessly processing calls and messaging based upon digital protocols customized to your individual preferences, meeting the ever demanding needs of your growing business with a 100% guarantee that all your communication needs will be met efficiently and flawlessly around the clock.

Our advanced technology ensures each and every digital protocol is completed perfectly and without ambiguity, resulting in a solution that not only enhances your business, but enables you to interact with your customers accurately.  Our data center is engineered to eliminate any failure to communicate with virtually NO downtime, guaranteeing seamless service all day every day. 

Hello Phoenix data center Our uptime performance is ALWAYS 100%!

Our superior solutions are directly linked to all emerging technologies and direct priority support making Hello Phoenix a leader in virtual communications innovation.


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HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant and 100% Secure is our commitment to you!  Each and every protocol is authenticated to verify the identity of anyone accessing all client information.  All activity is audited to ensure network security and encryption.  Redundant firewalls and a myriad of cutting-edge security software ensure your sensitive client information and all activity is protected.  We maintain formal data backup and extensive diagnostic solutions to guarantee 100% security and reliability at all times.

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