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Appointment Reminder Services

Studies show reminding patients of their appointments 24 hours in advance greatly decreases the no-show rate by over 91%!   No-show appointments are one of the most prevalent and unnecessary means of revenue loss for clinics and hospitals.   With today’s busy lifestyles, patients require assistance remembering their appointments and rely on timely reminder calls from their care providers.  Our Appointment Reminder Service interfaces directly with your patient scheduling procedures and guarantees all patient reminder calls will be made per patient preferences professionally and flawlessly.  Our virtual, 100% guaranteed 24/7/365 technology reminds your patients of their appointment time and place and any other complimentary information with elegance and efficiency via voice messaging, texts, or email,  freeing your front desk staff for more productive activities.

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Appointment Reminder Services
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Appointment Reminder Services

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Appointment Remider Service