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Telephone Answering Service  for Your Practice

Hello Phoenix gives you the ability to better serve your customers by providing you with custom, state of the art messaging services.

Regardless of the size of your office, your patients will be happy if:

  • Their calls are answered quickly and professionally

  • They can easily get to where they need to go.

  • They can do the above without feeling “put off” by a hard-to-use telephone system.

And that’s what we offer – Professional, Simple-to-Use Messaging Services, and Happy Patients.

Our solutions guarantee message delivery to any device; without expensive equipment or breaking your budget.

In fact, we’ve been told by clients that our Telephone Answering Service is so good; it’s actually superior to a live operator.

We’d love to discuss our custom telephone messaging solutions with you in person – simply call us at 844-444-4100 or, if you’re more comfortable with e-mail, click here.



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Innovative Solutions

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Our innovative technological solutions to all your communication needs enable the people you want to contact you to do so immediately, while those people you wish to be routed elsewhere will be done so efficiently and professionally.

Elegant and 100% reliable voice triage and appointment reminder services are far less costly than live operators, replacing the chaos of human error with a standardized, measurable solution which reflects positively on your practice. Sentinel Events caused by a breakdown in communication are virtually eliminated by making patient-physician contact a top priority with our guaranteed solution, further enhancing your initiatives to provide the best in patient care.



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There is NEVER a breakdown in communication with Hello Phoenix, greatly minimizing your liability in meeting your patients’ needs in an emergency situation or on a day to day basis.

Hello Phoenix enhances the way you practice medicine by providing you with a state of the art communication network with other physicians and medical staff, while enabling your patients to contact your medical support team 24/7/365 through our triage solution which filters calls per your preferences to 911, your support staff, voicemail or when preferable, directly to you via real-time contact and messaging. Hello Phoenix gives you more control over the way you are contacted while providing a much more accurate and reliable communication solution than self managed voicemail solutions or live operators. All of our Voicemail solutions are customized to fully integrate into your practice workflow with flawless execution.


Cutting Edge Technology

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Research has shown our state of the art solution is not only more cost effective, but also more reliable than in-house or other conventional contact methods.

Because each customized solution is made to meet your specific needs as a physician, repeat calls are reduced substantially, as all patient needs are met through your support network efficiently and reliably. Hello Phoenix enables other doctors and nurses to contact you with more accuracy and efficiency whenever and wherever. Hello Phoenix will automatically triage calls based on on-call schedules and covering physician preferences.


Improved Communication

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Breakdowns in physician contact can cause serious problems in any hospital or clinic by delaying critical decision-making processes and increasing patient care risks, costs and liability, while reducing staff productivity and negatively impacting the efficiency of your commitment to patient care. With Hello Phoenix your contact worries are virtually nonexistent. Not only will you be able to enhance your patient care with our seamless, 100% guaranteed medical communication solution, you will also be able to monitor, measure and analyze your patient care contact process, enabling you to further enhance your practice as it grows and changes to meet current patient needs. It is our mission to provide the best communication technology possible to you in today’s highly complex and interdependent medical environment.

Hello Phoenix provides you with advanced communication technology that processes all of your calls and messages via digital protocols customized to your individual needs. Our solutions fully integrate with the workflow of your practice, while guaranteeing seamless communication for your patients, staff, nurses and doctors on a day-to-day basis and during critical decision making times. Our state of the art facilities process all of your medical communication needs efficiently and professionally with a solution capable of processing millions of voice and data exchanges per day without error. This is our guarantee to you!

Hello Phoenix Solutions are more streamlined, resulting in superior hospital-to-physician communication processes, staff productivity and resource efficiency. With the ease and reliability of our advanced messaging solutions you will experience far greater staff satisfaction. Our 100% guarantee will also improve patient safety and reduce your liability. Fast and effective physician contact is a vital component to your commitment to quality patient care.


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