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The Practice: 45 Doctor Urology Group

The Problem:  Patients were uncomfortable about having to describe a medical aliment to a live operator. The CEO was concerned about potential HIPPA violations and financial risk associated with a HIPPA violation.

The Solution: Hello Phoenix designed an after hours triage service that allows patients to leave a private message in their doctors private voicemail box. The service is designed to page out the doctor as soon as the message is left. Additionally, the service emails over the message so it can be stored into the patients file.

The Result: The clinic has the most HIPPA compliant messaging service available today. All messages are stored in private mailboxes that only can be accessed by internal staff members.


Automated After Hours Answering Services

The Practice: 5 Doctor Family Practice

The Problem: Long hold times, inaccurate messages, costly invoices.

The Solution: Hello Phoenix designed an automated after hours services that answers the phone on the first ring, triages non-urgent calls from urgent calls and dispatch’s the correct doctor on call.

The Results: Hello Phoenix reduced monthly invoices by $1730 per month and all messages are now being delivered with 100% accuracy.

The Practice: 1 Doctor Family Practice

The Problem: Escalating Answering Service Bills

The Solution: Hello Phoenix design and automated after hours service that triages non-urgent calls from urgent calls and dispatch’s the doctor to her exact specifications.

The Results: Improved communication between patient and physician and a 46% savings in invoices over traditional live operator services.


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